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  1. [NSFW] 5 Foolproof Ways To Get People To Read Your Blog Post

    In our Web3.0 world, catching the social wave of virality is important to send a message from any topic from sex to politics. You could try writing interesting facts or talk on a subject that you are an expert on... but what if you don't want to take the…

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  2. Man Killed His Family at 15. Now He Is A Psychology Professor.

    Tl;Dr: At the age of 15, James Gordon Wolcott killed his father, mother, and 17-year-old sister in their Georgetown, Texas home in early August of 1967. He was found innocent of his fathers death based on temporary insanity, and was put into a mental health facility. He was released…

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  3. Launching a New Torrent Site

    While not as popular as my book website,, many of my friends and followers know that I run a movie torrent website called "". is a great website designed to help you find movies that are interesting to you and download them with as few…

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  4. Activist Gets 30 Months In Jail For Bolt Cutters

    Like everyone, when I start reading an article I make assumptions in the title and then read the article for what I want to find. When I read "ANIMAL RIGHTS ACTIVIST SENTENCED TO 30 MONTHS IN JAIL FOR HAVING BOLT CUTTERS IN HIS CAR" on Vice, I was ready to…

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